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Dr. Lynette Moretlo MolefiE-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Lynette Moretlo Molefi is a South African medical doctor, a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur and business executive, with a reputation for exemplary leadership. She has been one of the few pioneers of telemedicine in South Africa and Africa with representation at various levels of government and nongovernmental organizations.

To recap a remarkable career she has recently been invited as non executive director for Sunpa Yunnan in China.

Born in historic Soweto, she grew up in Lesotho where she completed her early education. She achieved a BSc degree at Roma University in Lesotho and went on to read for her MBCHB at the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA) where she qualified as a medical doctor. She practiced as a community doctor for a number of years as well as working for major pharmaceutical companies such as Adcok Ingram, Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company and Aspen Pharmacare Africa before entering into the field of business.

As a supporting spouse to the Ambassador in Portugal and Kenya, Dr Lynette Moretlo Molefi studied the Portuguese language. Her role was to attend state and diplomatic functions and plan CSI projects on behalf of the Embassy.

Currently she is holds executive positions at Telemedicine Africa PTY and Sunpa Africa PTY.

She also serves as a board member of HCI, a JSE listed company; The International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth; Etv, South Africa’s first free-to-air commercial
television station; Business System’s Group Africa, and business and software company; Syntell ,a leading blue chip company providing technology based services for Road Safety, Traffic Management and Revenue Collection and Unigas.

Dr Moretlo Molefi is a dynamic medical practitioner who has used her undergraduate training as a platform to combines her business interests with a keen interest in e-Health. She served as Director for Telemedicine Research at the Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa for 7 years. The Telemedicine unit was established as a joint project of the Department of Health and the MRC and has gone a long way in delivering a solution to the severe problem of inadequate services and geographical challenges which confound the South African health system – a result of long-standing, previously misplaced priorities.

Her contribution to the MRC is second to none, and as a result she continues to consult to the MRC on the implementation of a virtual hospital network involving 18 hospitals in one of the provinces in SA.

She was also Project Leader in the development of the Telemedicine Workstation for developing countries for which the MRC has paid her an inventors fee, Monitoring & Evaluation of the Health Channel, and Poverty Alleviation study for the Dept. of Science & Technology focusing on telemedicine, Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis project, Testing and Evaluation of Telemedicine technology for Defence Institute, Mobile Pathology Lab.

Having recently set up an eHealth consultancy business focusing on eHealth programme management, distance medical services and Telemedicine consulting, she has dedicated most of her time on the development of eHealth solutions for developing countries as well as giving strategic guidance in creating and implementing eHealth services both for clinical and educational purposes.

She has pioneered ICT –based systems that support all levels of healthcare including primary healthcare and tertiary care, one example being a successful rural connectivity pilot on Telemedicine in Partnership with Motorola and the State information Technology Agency using wireless systems in Limpopo province. This project has now been extended to 14 regional hospitals covering the entire province. She is currently working on a tele -health assessment project for tele – surveillance in 14 Southern African countries, a project funded by the African Development Bank. She coordinates the international Telemedicine training in China on an annual basis for at least 20 participants from developing countries, funded by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

Globally she is a coordinator within the NEPAD-e-Africa Commission on e-Health, is strategic adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) on Global Observatory on e-Health European Union Telemedicine Task Force and the only woman to sit on the board of the international society for telemedicine and e-health.

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