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Building eHealth Leadership and Capacity in Africa 

Acfee believes in, and support, eHealth's role in transforming and strengthening African's healthcare systems and helping to achieve better health  for Africans.

Two Core Acfee objectives are to develop eHealth leadership and expand people's eHealth capacity so countries can build and sustain effective eHealth programmes.

Acfee is a non-profit company based in South Africa. Its financed by its  African collaborations.


The Acfee Management Team

Dr Sean Broomhead  - Chairperson - South Africa 

Dr Ousmane Ly  - Executive Director - Mali

Prof Peter Nyasulu - Executive Director - Malawi

Mrs Lesley  Dobson - Director: International Relations - South Africa

Mr Yuval Brodsky - Director:Consulting - Canada

Prof Peter Drury - Director: Reseach - United Kingdom

Mr Mats Larson - Director: International Partnership - Sweden

Mr Tom Jones - Director: Strategy and Impact - United Kingdom


Acfee's Advisory Board


South Africa 

Dr Moretlo Molefi, Board Member International Society for eHealth and Telemedicine and Managing Director of Telemedicine Africa 

Prof. Keith Househam, Previous Health Director General, Western Cape Province 


Prof Ousmane Doumbia - Health Permanent Secretary 


Prof Walinjom Muna- Chair of WHO's global eHealth Technical Advisory Group (eTAG)


Dr Kolaatamo C.S Malefho - Permanent Health Secretary 


Dr Addis Tamire Woldemariam - Director General: Ministry of Health


Dr Lukwago Asuman - Health Permanent Secretary 


Mr Onesmus Kamau - Head of eHealth Development 


Mrs Daniel Murenzi - eHealth Lead, East African Regional Economic Community 


Dr G. Gwinji - Health Permanent Secretary 


Dr Simon Zwane - Health Permanent Secretary 


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