First African eHealth Forum meets in Cape Town

on Monday, 27 July 2015.

The first African eHealth Forum (AeF). It brings together the Advisory Board and some of the global partners of the African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee). The Board will provide guidance for the Acfee team that will shape its action plans for the next year. It’ll also provide some of the content for the AeF annual report. eHealth themes that could be priorities for African countries could include how to:

  • Develop human capacity, skills and knowledge needed for eHealth
  • Work effectively with eHealth vendors and suppliers
  • Construct a diverse, practical, rolling eHealth strategy
  • Encourage, stimulate and roll out local mHealth innovation
  • Deal with the long-standing issues of affordability, connectivity, architecture and standards
  • Choose eHealth that offers good value for money
  • Develop eHealth leadership.

There’ll be many other themes too. The AeF report for the public domain is expected during the first week of August. At the same time, the Board members and partners will receive a wider, bespoke report for their own use

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