Modern Health and Wellness

Poor health and illness has a substantial impact across all levels of society. Although many of these impacts are difficult to measure, they are most tangible when assessing the economic costs in lost productivity and the provision of medical services. Millions are lost on productivity, and spent on care on a daily basis adding to the overall economic burden placed on civil society. The benefits of improved health and wellness have never before been more apparent.

Healthcare and the provision of medical services continues to evolve along with society. Our way of life has changed significantly over time, and so too has our understanding of healthcare. We now better understand our health as the holistic representation of our lifestyle, history and environment. It is this that has prompted the paradigm shift away from healthcare as a function of treating illness to one that instead improves wellness, looking at solutions that address all facets of wellbeing and good health.

As healthcare has evolved, technology has developed along with it, changing the way health careis delivered and wellness is managed.Organizations, institutions and governments from around the world have become increasingly interested in communication technologies and their role in providing better access to care while leading to substantial economic and social benefits.Whether referred to as telehealth, telemedicine, or e-health, health care communications technology offers novel means of delivering care to patients, independent of time or place, and is increasingly recognized as an important component both in the modernization of the health care system and the improvement of wellness.

Our approach to Wellness

Telemedicine Africa has defined a holistic, multi-level approach to wellness. We believe that the best results are achieved with a consistent collaborative approach implemented as a sustainable long-term lifestyle solution. The Telemedicine Africa offering was developed to complement the role of disease and wellness managers and support services, we aim to act as enablers to improve process and outcomes.

Awareness and Education

The first step toward making change is awareness and understanding. In order for individuals to make changes to improve their health and wellbeing, they first need to understand their current status, health risks and impact on quality of life that their lifestyle has and will have over time.

To achieve this awareness and understanding, Telemedicine Africa provides a scalable solution driven by media and technology, targeting individuals with awareness and education messages:


Interactive Voice Response utilizes an automated voice delivery system to distribute awareness and education messages when individuals call a dedicated number. Content distributed is defined according to the specific client requirements.

Mobile Content –

SMS: bulk messaging is employed to send targeted sms messages to individuals with limited content. This is often used in conjunction with hosted online media where members are routed to a website that provides additional content.

MMS: the advances in communication technology now allow us to send rich media to individuals handsets, including images, presentations and video clips.

Mobi/WAP: the inclusion of browser capabilities on most new cellphones means that users now can access content on the internet directly from their handsets.

Kiosk info centres –

Where required, Telemedicine Africa can deploy stand-alone kiosk environments in the workplace that provide multiple functionalities including, education, awareness, biometric readings and other

Assessment and Testing

Once awareness has been achieved the next phase is to assess and test to fully understand the risk profile of each individual be able to structure and appropriate and effective intervention.

This process starts with the creation of a profile and electronic health record using the Telemedicine Wellness platform, accessible online using a PC, tablet or any browser enabled mobile phone.

Once the patient record has been created initial screening and health profile can be created. Key focus areas here are the categories of non-communicable and lifestyle disease.

Acceptance and Follow up

Once the required testing and assessment has been completed, the implications for the patient need to correctly assessed and communicated to the patient. This ensures that the patient is always informed and fully understands the consequences of any outcomes that are confirmed.

Telemedicine Africa has a number of counselling solutions both to extend awareness and education and to meet legislative requirements. These services leverage a diverse mobile technology offering including sms, mms, video, automated kiosk and IVR as delivery mechanisms.

Management and Lifestyle Change

Telemedicine Africa has a diverse range of technology solutions to assist and improve disease and wellness management. These solutions extend from basic technologies to sophisticated systems. We aim to provide the appropriate solution to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

The offering components can be utilized in isolation, but can also be provided as an integrated solution.

Telemedicine Africa can also has a voucher based incentive program to extend the solution and provide additional motivation mechanisms within the wellness management environment.